Posted by: Naima | October 6, 2009

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Ah yes, I know. It’s been long. Really long. The past couple of months in short have been hectic – so hectic in fact, I might just go through them quickly so that my own head doesn’t explode.

So here it goes. The first few weeks were filled with day trips to Range Pond, camp fires, lobstah, and nighttime dance parties.


The next couple included a couple of  job interviews, both of which I got (yay for me), and more days at Range Pond.The weeks following included lots of readings, most of which focused on analyzing gender and race as intersected entities in the United States. Then, there was homecoming/alumni weekend, where I got to see some old friends who are off in the real world now. Matt and Kim performed on campus, that was pretty raucous. And last week was Parent’s Weekend – sang some a cappella and caught up with Mom and Dad – always a treat. Most days though, weather permitting, have been spent outside and on campus – cold hard chillin. Here are some friends and I hanging out in the early days of the school year in front of Pettengill Hall.

Back to School

And here we are, Monday night at Bates sitting in my living room listening to a track from the opera “Don Giovanni” on WRBC Bates College Radio. Not a regular for Front Pocket, the show responsible for my listening pleasure, but one of the DJs just turned in a paper about the famous opera so he was inclined to share his listening experiences with anyone tuned in before returning to the normal setlist of reggae.

At the very least, being back at Bates means I can hear some of the people I share classrooms with everyday on the air. Turning the dial to 91.5 happens almost automatically now. There’s something in my fingers that knows the best thing on the radio will be Bates students. Am I a little bit biased? Absolutely. But that still doesn’t change the fact the WRBC is one of the only stations in central Maine where I can hear opera, heavy metal, pop, and reggae music all in one sitting.

Trivia Night 007.preview

There are over 80 different radio shows on WRBC each week. Each show has anywhere between one and four DJs who play different sorts of music and also feature talk portions. A lot of the DJs have hosted a show since freshman year and are now gearing up for graduation. Others, like myself and my roommate from sophomore and junior year, are pulling together a show for the first time.

At this point, our show has been purely music. We’re working on pulling together some talk show bits at least once a month. Each week so far we’ve had a theme and have tried our best to stay within it for the full two hours. Our first week, the theme was “Mad Men”. We spent the show playing songs from the late-1950s/60s – as an homage to the television show we both religiously watch – but we also played seemingly angry songs performed by men – think Limp Bizkit and Rage Against The Machine. This past week our theme was food. We pretty much spent the whole two hours playing songs about or inspired by food – all I know is I left the station really really hungry.

Not sure what our theme will be this week, but go ahead and listen online and check it out for yourself:

Stay righteous. Peace and then some,




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