Posted by: Naima | July 31, 2009

Train Track Extras

You don’t even have to tell me. I know my blog entries this summer have been rare. Perhaps you’re so over my nook that it’s not even featured in your computer’s memory anymore!


In the last few weeks my life in New York has mostly been a commute. Between going to New Jersey for work, Central Park for Leisure, Coney Island for music, the Village for coffee, and the Upper West Side for potlucks, I’m starting to think I spend more time on the train than anywhere else. It doesn’t bother me much though, trains were one of those things I missed almost to a devastating degree while I was abroad. Now, no matter where I am in the city, no matter what hour, the train has become a place to unwind. Regardless of the amount of times I have to transfer, once I get onto the F I feel like home. I throw on my headphones, let my music player choose a solid track, and by the time my stop rolls up I feel refueled.


I don’t want it to seem like my entire summer has been spent on the train, but it’s hard not to admit that I’ve had some seriously good me-time on those rides. Sometimes having so many of your friends in one city makes your alone time that much precious. Other than riding the F though, I’ve been working a decent amount.

Now for the run-down. As you may remember from one of those posts that have been collecting cyber-dust on this site, I’m interning at a casting agency this summer. Originally, we were going to be primarily working on extras casting for a romantic-comedy with a basketball backdrop. But due to some organizational issues, my boss decided she wasn’t interested in stressing out from week to week and quit the movie. Where does this leave me you ask? Turns out we had another project; so I’ve been reading episode scripts, alphabetizing headshots, allocating roles, prepping actors, and going to the set to lend a hand where I can. What we’re working on now is a CBS court/family drama called “The Good Wife” – think Elliot Spitzer‘s wife goes back to the office. Here’s a preview of the show, it premieres in September:

Casting-wise, it’s very different from working on a film. With a television series, we work episode-to-episode. It’s also a little bit more fun because I get to read each script as if I’m watching the show each week; the only difference is that I’m helping to put it together. Last night actually, I was an extra for the second episode. A scene required some college students so my boss thought it would be a good opportunity to see exactly what it means to be an extra – and to get some extra $$. I enlisted some friends of mine from Bates who are in New York and we spent hours silently pretending to be at a Frat Party – something that all Bates students are somewhat foreigners to (considering Bates’ lack of Greek Life). But, whether you’re privy to life on Frye Street or in J.B., there’s somewhat of an understanding about how to act. Today, after spending most of last night being an extra, I was sent to the set to organize the extras. I didn’t do much – just tied up loose ends when others’ hands were full – but I felt that because I had been an extra the night before, I was able to help people out more efficiently.

After all of the extras were settled in, my job was done. Back to “takin’ a train, takin’ a train, takin’ a train, takin’ a train.”

Peace and then some,




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