Posted by: Naima | July 15, 2009

Chicago in New York

Macy's 4th of July fireworks

Originally, I had planned to spend the 4th of July weekend in Fire Island with some girlfriends from Bates. Instead of heading to the island though, I ended up staying in New York City with some friends from home who came into town that weekend. The weather was the best it had been in weeks and the all-too-familiar raindrops were no where to be seen. For that reason, some pals and I grabbed some snacks and trekked to Central Park. There we frolicked in the grass, watched tree leaves dance and pencil-rolled down hilly knolls. It was one of those days where you remember all of the fun things you did when you were a child. You take those distant memories, recreate them, and then understand why being a kid is so awesome. As I enter my senior year in college, I’m often swarmed with questions regarding my future plans. I generally provide a vague response of “I’m going to change the world” and have a memorized commonplace response to those who wonder what the hell I  can do with my degree in African-American Studies and Rhetoric. But because the mental preparation of entering the “real world” can be so exhausting, days like the one I shared with friends in Central Park become crucial to remembering not to be so stiff. The rest of the weekend was fantastic; more days in the park were in order and I watched the fire works explode over the Hudson River. All in all it was a really good series of days. I saw about ten people I went to high school with, half of which I hadn’t seen in years and the other half I know I’ll see for years to come. The sky was cloudless for all 72 hours. And then I went back to work. Ahhh, summertime.

Peace and then some,




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