Posted by: Naima | June 20, 2009

Day One

This past week has been weird for me. While the fact that I returned to my home in the United States on Tuesday and hopped on a plane to New York on Thursday to start work, the hectic nature of it all was overshadowed by its familiarity. Being thrown right back into American habits and culture-norms has somehow stripped me of my abroad experience. Not to be misunderstood, I’m not experiencing all sorts of devastating culture-shock that I was warned of. Instead, I just haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and rehash all of my experiences in South Africa. Perhaps I never will, at least not in one sitting. As I walked through the Chicago streets during the one full day I had at home, Cape Town already seemed like a distant memory. It just seemed so unreal that I was there a week ago. And now, as I sit in Brooklyn surrounded by friends and family, I feel as if I’ve started a new and familiar chapter of my youth.

Perhaps the first paragraph of that chapter was my first day interning at Kee Casting. Day one consisted of alphabetizing and organizing head shots at the open casting call. After reading the script for the project we’re casting for, it was really interesting to see who came out for certain roles. I had this vivid picture in my mind of what kind of people would be on screen and what they might contribute or translate to the plot etc… Watching people of almost every demographic line up for consideration shifted my vivid mental picture a bit. After work, I got off early and met up with some of my friends from Bates in Central Park to picnic while we bounced out semester abroad experiences off of one another. Day one = Success

Peace and the some,




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