Posted by: Naima | June 13, 2009

And Scene

While my parents were in Cape Town, we discussed the possibility of me staying in South Africa until August. Since I have family in the country and finding a job in the U.S. is nearly impossible, it seemed like a reasonable idea. For the past 2 weeks I have interviewed for jobs and internships and even got one along the way. But when the time came to change my airplane ticket, would not let me. Now, clearly this was at attempt to pocket more cash in a worsening economy but I don’t have the dinero to lend to Expedia’s cause. Anyway, as an attempt to avoid buying an entirely new ticket home, my parents and I decided that coming home would be the best plan.

Somehow, don’t ask me details, I finagled an internship in New York. I will be interning at a casting agency. I’ll be helping to organize casting calls, head shots, recruiting men that appear to be basketball players (the movie focuses on bball), and some administrative stuff. I found a post on Craig’s List for the summer job and couldn’t resist applying. I’ve always been really interested in film, but I focused more on the critical writings on the finished product. I’m minoring in Rhetoric at Bates so I’ve taken some really wonderful classes on film – particularly through the lens of homosexuality and color. These courses have no doubt been some of the most influential classes I’ve taken in college. I love the idea of dissecting a medium that most people interact with. Everyone has a favorite movie; sometimes looking into the messages embedded within screenplays, direction, and soundtracks both clarifies and reflects some of societies largest patterns – marginalizing or otherwise. In any event, this internship seems like the perfect opportunity to understand film from a production point of view. Other perks include being close to familial New Yorkers and some of my best friends from Bates and at home will be roaming NY as well.

On Monday, I return to Chicago; on Friday, I start work in New York. Even though my summer plans have just literally fallen apart and somehow fused together again, I am equally excited for a summer in a new city with old friends.

Peace and then some,




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