Posted by: Naima | June 12, 2009

Moms and Pops

First things first:

Sorry about the delay of blog entries, things have been quite hectic on this side of the Atlantic. From where I left off, I had just heard that my parents were coming to visit. Yes, those responsible for my existence made the trek through the United States and across the ocean to see where I’ve been spending all my time these days. You may remember that I have a couple of Uncles in South Africa, so that proved to peak their interest in visiting even more. By now though, they’ve come and gone. In short, they has a crash course in Cape Town. The journey passed through Table Mountain, Nelson Mandela’s prison cell on Robben Island, the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa’s beautiful winelands, restaurants of all influence, and a steady flow of music. The best part of the visit for me was being able to show my parents the life I’ve had here for the last 5 months. They met some of my close friends here and we went to dinner at some of my favorites. Also, introducing them to the music scene I’ve immersed myself in was so amazing.

Even though I know that the live jazz I’ve been loving here is really dope, there’s nothing like having my parents reinforce that belief. Venturing to Cafe Sofia for live jazz and Asoka for some funk infusion proved to be a really great time. Also, the fact that many of the jazz musicians in Cape Town are fairly young (between 20-30) is one of those things that gives a fan of the genre hope for the future.

It was ultimately music, food, sightseeing, and good weather that helped for my parents to make their mark on Cape Town. Hopefully, Cape Town made an equally impressive mark. Family Reunion in Cape Town??

Peace and then some,




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