Posted by: Naima | May 9, 2009

Unexpected Visit

A couple of days ago, I received the most incredible email. “We’re definitely coming to Cape Town, South Africa, due to arrive on May 21st, 10:10 AM.” It was from my mom, my parents are coming to Cape Town! I’ll resist a typed out version of my subsequent squealing with excitement. Anyway, there have been so many cool things I’ve been able to do here that I want to share them all with the people who are responsible for my Capetonian experience. Probably the thing I want to do most with my parents is go hear some music. They’re music freaks – I inherited it – so I think they’d really like the jazz scene here. Whenever I want to procrastinate I just run the list of things to do in my head: Table Mountain, Kalk Bay, Waterfront, Bo-Kaap, Markets, things keep on getting added on. And then when I snap out of planning fun things to do when they’re here, I start to think about the papers and exams I have to start working on before they get here: the trip lands right in the middle of pre-finals. I’m not worried, I promise, just aware. So so so so so so so excited!!!!!! (okay, I’m done)
Peace and then some,




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