Posted by: Naima | April 1, 2009


So at this moment, I am using this forum purely for procrastination. Sure, I love divulging the intimate details of my abroad experience sprinkled with reasons why Bates is awesome, but currently I am a little burnt out. For the past two weeks I’ve been drowning in a kiddie pool of essays. It’s not that they’re too hard, but it’s been so long (about three months) since I’ve had to write a respectable paper. I churned two out last week – neither will make my list of all-stars but they should both help me maintain the required average that Bates expects from their students abroad – and now I’m sitting in my flat wanting so badly to be done with the only thing that separates me from my Easter vacation. This paper on the Proportional Representation system of which South Africa’s current government is built upon is being a pain. A big one. But it will be finished.

It will be finished later.

On Friday, I embark on the wonderful journey that many would consider Spring Break. But since the air’s getting cooler (winter starts in June) and South Africa loves Christianity, it’s Easter vacation. My friend James, his friend Nick, and I are going on a roadtrip throughout South Africa. We’re starting in Cape Town, driving to Lesotho, then Swaziland, Mozambique, and down the coast back to Cape Town. All in all it’s a ten day trip, weaving in and out of rural and urban areas in the country. There is no doubt in my mind that I will love this trip. The thought of pony trekking in the mountainous lands of Lesotho, exploring the hills of Swaziland, and venturing through the islands of Mozambique is making me overflow with excitement. So much so that the thought of anything else – academic or otherwise – cannot sidetrack the focus of acquiring visas, grocery shopping, perfecting my stick shift skills, and finding more activities to do on the road.

The guidebooks are out, cell phone has the Mozambican consulate on speed dial, and grocery lists are being drafted. This is all instead of academia. On that note. I’m gonna get on that paper. Details from the trip are soon to follow the paper’s completion.

Peace and then some,




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