Posted by: Naima | December 9, 2008

Lively Up Yourself

As the semester ends, it seems appropriate to give you all a quick little recap. This has been a busy couple of months; I guess taking five classes, working three jobs, and wanting to soak up every Bates moment before going abroad might have been a bit much. I went on more sunrise paddles, sang in some more a cappella shows, frequented football games, and attended some wonderful dance parties.

I also went to class. I read Aristotle, explored intoxication, examined the human body, recounted black histories, and recorded literary methods. But now as I write to you, I have finished my four term papers and am beginning my week of tests with little worry. My lack of worry is not because I am excited to sit down for hours with a pencil in hand, pouring my thoughts and revelations from these courses into a blue booklet. Instead, I am drifting between stress and freedom, agony and excitement. Now don’t get me wrong, part of me actually enjoys spending late nights in PGill and the Ronj, inhaling caffeine until I place the last period on the page; but sleep is nice too.

Last weekend, to briefly relieve all of the stress of term papers past and finals looming, the campus was active. Holiday parties alone were prevalent. For me, last weekend marked my third Secret Moses. Every year, as the first semester winds down, my friends and I do a gift exchange. We get all dressed up, listen to good music, love each other, etc. and then disperse among various Saturday night activities of campus. Here’s a photo amidst the activities.


Since I’m running out of weekends before going abroad, every one seems to count a little bit more. By the time snow blankets the quad and the ice covered trees invite photographers campus-wide, I will be in Cape Town, South Africa. Some of my friends will be in Italy, Nepal, Mali, India, Ghana, Argentina, Senegal, Israel, Scotland, Vietnam, and more places I can’t think of right now. And as bummed as I am that I won’t be on campus next semester, all I can think about is how wonderful it will be to be back at Bates next fall and hear all the stories from my friends who went abroad and those who stayed in Lewiston. It’s going to be so dope.

Peace and Music,




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