Posted by: Naima | October 8, 2008

Sunrise Paddle

Last Thursday night, I huddled around a Frye St. television with a bunch of my friends and watched the debate. The same was going on all around campus, some were even turning the broadcast into a game – do something stupid every time Sarah Palin says “You betcha!” After the debate, as many students started their weekend, I went straight to bed. Not because I had too much work to do, or wanted to be anti-social, but because I woke up at 5:30am the next morning to go on a sunrise paddle with other willing Batesies. . The canoing session was held by the Bates Outing Club (one of the biggest groups on campus). They do things like this all of the time (midnight hikes, weekend long camping trips, etc.) but what drew me to this one is that I hadn’t been canoing for so long that a reintroduction beneath the sunrise was all I needed – especially after such a stressful week. Along with about 17 others, I crawled out of my bed, knocking things over in the dark while trying not to wake my roommate, and headed to the boat house on Frye St. Once we had waited for any stragglers, we piled into cars and headed towards Lake Auburn. We made it just in time to slip into canoes and see the sunrise.

It was beautiful. You could see steam lifting from the lake as the sun’s warmth hit the surface. Slowly, we all forgot that we were incredibly tired. Being on the water like that heightens the senses. There was one point when the sophomore at the bow of my canoe said, “If I was a senior right now, I would be so sad. This is incredible.” I thought about it and first brushed it off. But as I watched steam rush against the lake like waterfalls against the blue/purple/red sky, I saw how beautiful of a place Maine is. Even when part of our sunrise paddle includes a view of Center St, one of the biggest roads in the city, nothing is taken away from the experience – it is only more personalized by our city.

What a great way to start the day,

Peace, Naima



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