Posted by: Naima | September 29, 2008

Sweat It Out

It’s been a while, I know. Last time I wrote anything was when I was making a quick stop in NYC before settling in to my new room at Bates. I am finally fully settled. It almost seems like it took me a little while but I’m finally getting into a solid routine. In the last month, a lot has happened. I’ve been running around a lot because I put a lot on my plate this semester. I am taking 5 classes, I have 3 jobs, I’ve been elected publicist of Amandla (the black students union on campus), I am still singing with the a cappella group I joined last year(the Crosstones), and there have been some awesome things to do here on the weekend.

80s dance. It’s one of the parties that almost everyone on campus shows up to. At the very least, it’s something that absolutely everyone is dressed for. Every year, students dig through racks of local thrift shops and pick out the most colorful, tightest, outfit that has shoulder pads and an acid-wash colors. If you don’t get too caught up in the dance party in your room, you just might make it to the outdoor party where a live band plays favorites from the 80s that only faculty is old enough to remember while students have a sweaty sweaty dance party. Here are some photos from the night:

As you can see, it’s impossible to have a bad time on the night of the 80s dance. It’s something in the leg warmers I think. Last weekend invoked a similar feeling. Girl Talk came to Bates on Saturday night. Even though it was raining all day and all night. It was a welcomed feeling after everyone in the Gray Cage (the concert venue) was wet from everyone else’s sweat. People were unrecognizable because they were dancing so hard and sweating so heavily. I was able to see Girl Talk at Colby last year and that was really fun too. To be honest though, I think I preferred this show because everyone in the Cage was all about the dancing. Not to many people shacked up in the far corners; instead, Batesies found it impossible to resist moving their bodies and breaking it down with everyone in the crowd. September has been a sweaty successful month. As we start getting into midterms, it’ll be nice to look back on nights like the 80s dance and Girl Talk and look forward to more events that are coming up net month. I’ll get some pictures from the Girl Talk concert ASAP. Until then,

Peace and then some,




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