Posted by: Naima | August 13, 2008


Starting tomorrow I will be on the road to New York City. I’ve had a couple of posts about this, so I’m going to keep it brief. I have just started packing for my junior year at Bates and it still feels fresh. I’m a little nervous, very excited, and imagining my new room just off of Frye St. It’s been startling to realized that I am half-way through my Bates career, but the level of excitement has been comparable each year. In fact, the excitement has risen. While freshman year was an amazing year full of new experiences and friends, sophomore year was very similar but more comfortable – there was no question where the library was, what Commons served on Saturday mornings, or how the hell to navigate Garnet Gateway. All of those questions have been answered. At this point the only things left to learn are not navigational; instead, they are personal and academic. I’m excited to see what this year has in store for me.

Peace and then some,




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