Posted by: Naima | August 3, 2008

Go Blog About It

At the advice of a dear friend, blog about it I shall.

The countdown has begun, Lollapalooza is standing on its last leg, humidity has hit Chicago hard, and brussel sprouts are finally in season. Among other things, summer is ending. In about two weeks I am leaving my beautiful city and heading for another. Many of my friends from Bates have been working in New York this summer – as receptionists, interns, button sorters, etc.. – and I am finally making my way up to their subletted apartments. I’ll be driving up there with a good friend of mine who I went to high school with and is now my peer at Bates as well. Since she’s an all-star field hockey player for the Bobcats, she’s heading to a team camp to train just a couple of days after we hit up our New York City hosts. I, on the other hand, have the pleasure of roaming streets of Manhattan, wandering corners of Brooklyn, and discovering the Bronx for about 10 days. My visit may look something like this:

My family moved to Chicago from New York, so I have pockets of cousins, siblings, and family friends all around New York. Hopefully I’ll be able to eat dinner at my family’s favorite restaurant in New York. Sevilla is a Spanish restaurant whose walls are heavy with the country’s iconography boasting stuffed bull’s heads and flamenco portraits. My family has been going there for about 20 years prior to my existence and its walls have housed everything from proposals to reunions. Deep red sangria and Pepsi in a glass bottle will forever spark memories of the Sevilla. Visiting New York alone sparks great memories, but now some of my best friends will be roaming the city with me. Most of my summer has been spent hard at work or hard at looking for work, so this feels like my first vacation and I couldn’t be more excited.

Peace and then some,




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