Posted by: Naima | August 1, 2008

Day One

Today is the first official day of Lollapalooza – a musical blitzkrieg in Chicago’s Grant Park. With big names bands like Radiohead, Kanye West, and Rage Against the Machine the park is always packed with music lovers from around the country. And while those familiar bands are great, best part of Lollapalooza is stumbling upon small groups with huge amounts of energy, the ones that are just happy to be on stage and making you dance. I have to work tonight, so I will not be in attendance, but tomorrow I will be out in the sun all day, dehydrated, and sweating profusely with thousands of others and I can’t wait. Also, a buddy of mine from Bates is coming in so it will be great to hang out with him a bit. Almost all of my friends at home have some people from their colleges in town for the show, so in addition to dancing in the grass with my friends, I’ll be dancing in the grass with some of my best friends’ favorite people.

Aside from Lollapalooza creeping up, this last week has been work-filled. I also got a chance to see “The Wackness”, a twisted coming of age story about a New York City pot-dealer who recently graduated high school. Check out the trailer, you might be interested.

Peace and then some,




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