Posted by: Naima | July 27, 2008


Thank goodness it’s Sunday. This weekend has been incredibly hectic. All of a sudden, I found myself spending Friday and Saturday rushing from one job to another with barely enough time to feel my legs weaken. I just finished my Sunday brunch shift at he restaurant and officially have some time to breathe. On Friday and Saturday, sunrises were spent on a bus to American Childcare – a babysitting/daycare company that provides babysitters for international conferences and hotel visits. I was scheduled to work at the Magic Foundation’s annual convention. The convention was held in a suburb outside of Chicago within the walls of a hotel. Parents from Australia to Minneapolis brought their children (most of whom had either a physical or mental disability) to learn more about the diseases within their families. All day the parents go from lecture to lecture while the staff of American Childcare (me) set up day-camp activities and watched movies with their children. Not all of the kids were disabled, but the integrated nature of the kids’ rooms definitely forced many of the children to be tolerant, respectful, and patient towards those who may look, act, or sound much younger than their actual age. After spending hours in a hotel room, flitting from arts & crafts projects to board games to High School Musical (1and2), I got on a bus and went to work my closing shift at the restaurant I’ve been working at. While seemingly less rewarding than my first job of the day, working at Uncommon Ground is pretty nice – the mellow environment is garnished with a bunch of people I’d love to get to know better. It almost makes me wish I wasn’t leaving so soon. This summer is winding down rapidly, and while there is no doubt I am excited for all that is to come this year at Bates, it’s wild to think that going back to Bates means I won’t see people I’ve spent every minute with this summer for quite a while. C’est La Vie.

Peace and then some,


Here’s a picture of Uncommon Ground. It’s about two blocks from Wrigley Field, the stadium where the Chicago Cubs play during the season.



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