Posted by: Naima | July 16, 2008

Makin Bank

So this week I’ve started my job at Uncommon Ground – a coffee shop, music venue, restaurant and bar all wrapped up in one. Right now, I am a food runner. I basically am on my feet for six hours putting the finishing touches on dishes and bringing them out to tables. I’ve only worked a couple of days so far but it has made my limbs feel like strangers to the rest of my body. The redeeming elements of this job are the paycheck and the people. My co-workers create a really fun nice Ronj-esque atmosphere that’s making me excited for Bates. And it’ll be really good to have some cash in my pocket when I leave for Bates via New York City in August. AHHH so excited.

Aside from working, I’m wrapping up my last week of summer school. This class has been a huge force in inspiration and planning for my hopeful future in the world of journalism. It’s also broadened my interests to public relations – understanding PR makes a better journalist. It is one of the reasons I decided to contact the Lewiston Sun-Journal, and I’ve also done extensive research on internships I’d really like to do next summer. My Introduction to Journalism class has taught me that I have to always be ahead of the game in this business, and I’m putting plans into action real soon.

While this class has been good for my own general knowledge I may be getting credit from Bates. I was talking to my adviser on the phone last week and as we discussed an finalized my major declaration, African American Studies with a minor in Rhetoric, we talked about replacing one of the classes needed for my minor with my summer course. Hopefully that will work out. It was very relieving to be in touch with my adviser even though I can’t see talk to him face to face until the fall. I was sweating nervously about my major and abroad plans, so for my adviser to calm me down and help me produce a class plan for my remaining time at Bates was incredible. I’m going to complete my abroad application this week, send my summer class’ description to my adviser, and take my final for Intro. to Journalism on Thursday. Before I know it, I’ll be at Bates and on my game. Sounds like a good plan.

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