Posted by: Naima | May 31, 2008

Stuck Sick

Hey all, I’ve been lagging in blog posts this week. I’m just starting to get over a horrible cold/cough that I’ve had all week. I know, what a way to welcome summertime. Let me catch you up: Earlier this week I returned to Chicago from my two-week journey through LA and Colorado. I’ve spent the past few days settling into my summer class (which may turn out to be awesome) and starting work at this adult boutique (which is awesome). Although I’ve been sick and dragging my feet around in order to get to class and work, the weekend is here just in time for my sickness to pass. HOORAY!! I’m not completely healthy yet but I’ve been trying to get out and about in order to convince myself that I’m somewhat sick-free. Last night my boyfriend and I dodged all of the people trampling over civilians to see the “Sex and the City” premier and went to see “Indiana Jones” – it was pretty awesome. Even though Harrison Ford is noticeably older, the time frame of the movie has not changed from the other three. Plus, it looks like Shia LaBeouf may be continuing the franchise – I haven’t quite decided how I feel about that yet. Anyway, the sun is finally shining in Chicago and a girlfriend of mine is having a bunch of friends over for a mid-day hat party. I figured it might be nice to stop there before my 5 o’clock shift tonight. I’m kicking this cold’s butt with good times and Sudafed…hopefully that’s enough.

Peace and then some,


I was hoping to go to this hat party wearing a hat like this one pictured…but I might just have to go with a visor. Bummer



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