Posted by: Naima | May 23, 2008

On to BoCo

Right now I am in Boulder, CO. My boyfriend’s the best man in a wedding out here so I came along to help do the last minute touches and attend the ceremony and reception. For the past couple of days I have been helping the family of the groom arrange flowers and corsages, but the wedding is tonight at a manor that looks over some of the most beautiful mountains in the country and I am very excited. While I have been in LA and Colorado, Batesies have been wrapping up their short term. Between saying goodbyes and shipping boxes home, the campus is no doubt buzzing with bittersweet feelings. Last night I got a message from some good friends of mine about how they were having their last dinner off-campus before the year ended and friends graduated. The end of the year also means the beginning of real off-campus living for my friends and I senior year. Since I couldn’t be at Bates during shot term, some buddies of mine took charge of the hopeful off-campus living process. They checked out the house, gave a stamp of approval, and arranged a meeting with the landlord for down payments etc.. While I’m sure many of the people at Bates right now are pretty bummed short term is ending, I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t wait for my friends from Bates to visit in June, my friends from high school to come home, and for my trip to NYC (where many of my Bates friends are living this summer). While I’ve been having an awesome time during my short term at home, I’m ready for the summer to really get started.

Peace and then some,




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