Posted by: Naima | May 18, 2008

West Coast Voyage

My family and I came to LA this week to see my sister graduate from USC’s film school. It’s my second time venturing west of the Mississippi and my first time to California. The graduation was really nice, it was specifically for the film students but that still consisted of at least 500 students. At the time, that didn’t seem like that many kids, but I quickly realized that that is just the people who majored in film. One major – 500 students. That’s wild – at Bates, you get to know the people within your major by the end of your second year. At least in the humanities department, as you get deeper into your major, you know most of the kids in your program. It just blew my mind how large the umbrella film school was there. Either way, it was a great graduation and I’m super proud of my sister. Even though the graduation’s passed, I decided to stick around in LA for a few more days longer to hang out with my sister. We’re planning on doing some classically touristy things: walk of fame, universal studios, etc.. But we’d also like to go to some local comedy clubs and stuff like that. So far it’s been really hot and I’ve been wandering around the city drenched in sunshine and palm trees with my sister – Hollywood to Inglewood. I’m really happy that I get to take this mini vacation before I get back to Chicago, start working, and start summer classes. When I leave LA on Wednesday, I’m going to head to Colorado for a wedding, and then heading back to Chicago. The summer – so far, so good.

Peace and then some,




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