Posted by: Naima | May 10, 2008

Mis Amis

Earlier this week I met up with a good friend of mine who went to Bates my freshman year. She is now residing in Chicago so it’s really great that it’s so easy to meet with her when I come home. What’s even better is that she lives in Chicago’s Hyde Park – home of the Museum of Science and Industry, University of Chicago and Barack Obama – an area I love but rarely visit. I jumped on an express bus that took me to her neighborhood and met up with her. She gave me a tour of her favorite spots and we went out to dinner; it was really nice to catch up with her and she seemed to enjoy hearing about how things at Bates were doing. It’s these types of get-togethers with friends that reassure who you will keep in contact with for a long time. It’s easy to watch friends graduate or transfer for whatever reason from Bates and think that you may never see them again. But at the end of the day, friendships solidified at Bates are ones that tend to last for a while. Also, they’re ones that transcend location and convenience. Here’s a photo of the Secret Moses [commonly known as Secret Santa] celebration my friends and I deemed a tradition. Just before winter vacation, we all get dolled up and exchange two gifts – one that’s homemade and one that’s store bought. These pictures were taken during freshman year – in the middle of our first recorded Secret Moses, all the girls in these photos are still some of my best friends to date.

As someone who didn’t have that many girl friends in high school, it was really awesome to meet so many girls who I instantly clicked with. Most people I talk to at Bates met a lot of their best friends freshman year. Whether they lived down the hall, across campus, or had class with one another, Bates is a small enough place to meet and get along really well with a range of people. When I’ve listened to stories about friends since their first year at Bates getting ready to live with one another out in “the real world”, and juxtaposed that with the sight of my parents and their best friends from college, I’ve begun to realize that college is where you meet some of the people who you will look forward to seeing for years to come. For now, I look forward to seeing people in Commons, it’s wild to think about how strong my friendships will be beyond Bates.

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