Posted by: Naima | April 29, 2008

Back at Home

My week at Bates was definitely a good one. I made frequent visits to Range Pond, attended some great BBQs, chilled with friends on Frye St. porches until the early morning, and had a great final Crosstones concert. While saying goodbye friends was tough, I can’t pretend like it’s not nice to be home. Seeing loved ones and friends I haven’t seen for months is really great, and being at home during short term is going to give me a head start on the summer job market. I haven’t finalized my plans yet, but I’m working on it. Today I got some good news and some bad news. Bad news first – the interdisciplinary major that I’ve been proposing has yet to be passed. The committee that oversees the process isn’t quite sold on my idea yet. I’ve been trying to declare an interdisciplinary major with a focus on black media studies – an idea that has been fostered by my interest in entering the journalism field after Bates. It’s really great that Bates allows its students to create their own major, but they are definitely focused on making sure that the proposed focus is carefully defined. Brushing up my proposal is one of the first things on my to-do list this week. The good news is kind of related. This summer, I really wanted to take journalism classes – partially to use as credit to my proposed major, and partly to just learn the fundamentals. I got an email from Columbia College today that not only have I been accepted to participate in their program this summer, I am supposed to register for classes pretty soon. So far, I’ve been thinking about taking Reporting and Writing 1 and Culture, Race and Media. I feel like those two will give me a solid foundation and perhaps even an upper hand in the interdisciplinary major proposal game. We shall see. Besides taking a couple classes, I really want to see some concerts in Chicago – as long as I make some cash this summer. Yelle and Sly and the Family Stone are playing this week in my neighborhood and Lollapalooza should prove to be something I won’t want to miss. Hopefully I’ll be able to check them all out.

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