Posted by: Naima | April 24, 2008

Relaxing Term

While I’m not taking a class for short term this year, I’ve been on campus this week preparing for an a capella concert, packing up all of my stuff, and enjoying the fruits of short term. Because everyone is only taking one class this semester – and most classes don’t meet every day, my friends are still available to hang out a lot. Yesterday, I spent hours at Range Pond. The Pond is part of a greater state park in Poland, ME (15min from Bates) and is basically an nice sized lake with a beach atmosphere. When you’re at the Pond, you can lay in the sun all day (my personal favorite), go hiking on the marked trails, go swimming, bbq, and play on the playground. Here’s something to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Anyway, yesterday was just like the picture above – except instead of one person self-reflecting, the sand was covered in Bates kids. There was music, wiffle ball, frisbee, food, a volleyball court, among other shenanigans. It was great. After the beach, a bunch of my friends had organized a bbq on Frye St. I didn’t get to stay much longer after I grabbed some food because of a capella rehearsal, but the atmosphere was dope. Still about 60 degrees with the sun going down, I made my way to the ampitheater. The ampitheater is this cool stone set-up that overlooks the puddle, it’s also my favorite spot on campus. While it’s used mostly for sunbathing, impromptu class sessions, and a scenic place to make phone calls, groups perform there every once in a while when it’s nice out.

My a capella group and I are all excited to have our Sunday afternoon concert there, especially since it’s been so nice out. In the spirit of the good weather, we had our rehearsal last night at the ampitheater. It’s been so long since we’ve last sung together so it was really nice to churn out a few songs outside on the puddle. The concert may or may not include other a capella groups on campus and we’re definitely having a group from Colby coming to sing with us. I’m envisioning a sunny afternoon show with maybe a bbq off to the side of the ampitheater and hopefully a large crowd. We shall see…by the time the concert comes along I ought to be fully packed up to go home. It’s crazy that this year is over for me, my Bates career as a student is half-way done. Can’t wait to see what the next two years have in store.

Peace and then some,




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