Posted by: Naima | April 13, 2008


I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything for your lovely eyes to ponder, but finals really kicked my butt. I had term papers and take home tests all over the place. But now, I am writing from Ridgewood, NJ – not my home, but the stomping ground of a fellow Batesie. Since I’m not staying at Bates for short term, I am getting in some good visits before I go home. Let me correct myself, I shouldn’t say I’m not staying for short term; it turns out that I have to be on campus for the first week for the Crosstones‘ A Capella Invitational and some other business like storing all my stuff and shipping things back to Chicago, but no class for this one. Even though a capella isn’t one of the 3 reasons that Bates lets kids stay on campus without taking a class, I’m really happy that I have a chance to bum around and see a lot of people before I go home for the summer. It’s really hard to say goodbye during finals because everyone is soooo ready to get off campus after they take their last test. I’m pumped to give some good farewell hugs to the people I know I won’t see for a while – I have a bunch of friends that are either going abroad during first semester next year or graduating in May. I think it will be a nice farewell to Bates to have a week of lounging on the quad, soaking up the sun, chillin at Range Pond, and BBQing with some of my favorite people. Here are some pictures from last year’s short term:

Packing will be a little sad, but I pretty ready to move my stuff into a house on Frye St. next fall. My roommate and I are living in Parsons house, it’s right at the beginning of Frye, a boulevard of glorious houses that surround the WRBC radio station [], the campus’ chai headquarters (Ronj), and other goodies. Although I loved living in Rand Village/New Rand/280 College/The New Dorm, I’m excited to get out of a dorm and live in a more close-knit environment. Houses are a great option if 150-person dorm doesn’t intrigue you. Bates gives the house option every year you live on campus, so it just depends on the type of living space you’re into.
But enough of that, it’s a Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining, and I’m in America’s own, New Jersey. Later this week I’ll be visiting a friend and seeing Nas perform at Syracuse, it’s always kind of fun to see schools so different from your own, even if only for a weekend. I’ll also be in NYC seeing family and friends from school before I hitch a ride back to Bates. It’s going to be a good week, and ending it at Bates for a taste of short term is like icing on the cake.

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