Posted by: Naima | March 23, 2008

Spring Fever

Today was a good day. The sky was blue, the sun hit every corner of the campus, and it seemed like nothing could go wrong. A bunch of friends and I decided to celebrate Easter morning at the Pop Shoppe (, a local diner within walking distance of campus frequented by Batesies and Lewistonians alike. While another friend of mine suggested an Easter egg hunt, many of us are swamped with work approaching finals. A great breakfast followed by a work-filled afternoon seemed slightly more beneficial than a blindfolded Easter egg hunt (albeit a great idea). The Pop Shoppe might have been the best way to reintroduce ourselves to the beautiful weather that is sure to make an appearance during Short Term. The sun and all of its properties have affected everyone all over campus. There’s still snow on the ground, but patches of grass are starting to surface up and down Frye St. and Alumni Walk. Everyone reacts differently: I generally start breaking out my spring/summer apparel and sunglasses, a couple of my friends ventured off to Range Pond (a frequent sunbathing/hiking/swimming hangout during Short Term and early Autumn) and got the car stuck in snow. No matter how you deal with the sudden rush of constant sunlight and spring-like breezes, it prepares you for the days when you can’t help but remove the BBQ grill from storage and throw on some goodies. Although the snow melting process has a long way to go before bacci ball and sunbathing, we’re all starting to feel the fever.

Peace and then some,





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