Posted by: Naima | March 23, 2008


Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about housing. Between the housing lottery for next year and brewing thoughts about possible off-campus homes for senior year, it’s been an easy procrastinating tool these past couple of weeks. For instance, this morning I decided not to focus on the four term papers I have coming up and instead opted to do a little research on living off-campus at Bates. On Friday night, an off-campus house I am interested in hosted A. Hurricane ( a band comprised of some wholesome Batesies. During a self-imposed intermission, one of the girls who lived in the house gave me a tour. Only a mere four blocks from campus, off-campus housing seems like a great way to slowly introduce yourself to the “real world” before graduation. Living in a house with good friends and home-cooked meals while still having the option of venturing into Commons seems like a great plan to me. Being quite impressed with what I saw of the house, I again allowed myself to procrastinate by calling the landlord and making moves towards living off-campus my senior year. I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the things I will be doing through or at Bates in the next couple of years and I have to tell you, this is going by super fast. While part of me is a little sad that my Bates experience is almost half-way completed, another part of me is just itching to see what my post-Bates years have in store for me. Yeah, between studying abroad, studying on-campus, and perhaps living in a fully equipped home for a year? I have a feeling these next two years are gonna be incredible.

Peace and then some,




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