Posted by: Naima | March 16, 2008


March is a long month. We’re all starting to get ready for finals, it’s still snowing, and it’s one of the only months at Bates without a vacation. Some people deal with the cabin fever by ignoring it completely and shoving their heads in textbooks, others spend a weekend at home, and sometimes parents and friends on spring break come and visit the campus. This weekend, a ton of my friends went on roadtrips. A bunch of my crew went down to Boston to see Justice ( live at Paradise Rock Club, my other good friend went to Brown for the weekend to visit friends from high school, and a couple others went to Rhode Island for a debate tournament. While I was bummed so many of my friends were out of town, there was plenty to do on campus. Between concerts in the Benjamin Mays Center and the Little Room, dance parties in Chase Hall, and other St. Patrick’s Day festivities, Batesies found niches all over campus. My good friend’s mom came to visit and took those of us on campus out to dinner. There’s this restaurant in downtown Lewiston called Fuel ( that is a near perfect place to take your parents. It’s not too expensive and the food is really great. Commons is great and all, but it’s brick oven pizza pales in comparison to grilled salmon with pesto, fingerling potatoes, and cauliflower soup with lobster. Needless to say, dinner was great. Aside from the food, it’s always really nice to hang out with your friends’ parents. It’s cool to notice the idiosyncrasies that people share with their mom and dad. On top of a great dinner with friends, I saw my English professor at the restaurant. An easily awkward situation was turned into something pretty pleasant. It’s nice to be reminded that your teachers have lives outside the classroom and being able to engage in small talk with a professor (in and out of the classroom) is something that I think separates Bates from a lot of other schools. March is long, but it seems like students are creating enough events to make these four weeks go by fairly painlessly.

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Just to give you an idea of March at Bates: Trivia Night, Concerts, Parties, and other activities are pretty prevalent. More importantly though, Spring is in the air – and snow is on the ground.




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