Posted by: Naima | March 9, 2008

Change Is Gonna Come

Last night started out flawlessly. Even though it was cold and raining, Greg Waters Band was playing at Guthries. Guthries ( is a Lewiston locale located about a mile off campus – 5minutes in the car/20minutes by foot – that serves good food and drinks all night long. Last night was my first time there and Bates took over the place. Greg Waters Band is one of the many bands on campus comprised of some serious musicians. They always get a big crowd in the Little Room and other venues on campus, but playing at Guthries was a chance for the band and their fans to change up their usual scene. It was also just great to get off campus, when anyone stays in one area for too long, change is necessary. I got there somewhat early and it wasn’t that crowded – just a lot of hungry people tapping their feet to the jams, but by the time the band busted out their cover of Earth Wind and Fire’s “September”, you had to fight for a spot on the dancefloor. Although it was mostly Bates kids at the restaurant, it was really great to see Lewistonians bumping to the music – it let’s you know that college bands are actually good sometimes. Plus, considering how packed Guthries was last night, there is no doubt that Greg Waters Band will be a frequent act at the venue. Hopefully the Greg Waters Band and others on campus will continue to give Batesies a welcomed change of pace. The rest of the night paled in comparison to its kick-off, but it was a hard act to follow.

Peace and then some,


Here’s the flyer from the concert.




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