Posted by: Naima | March 9, 2008

A Land Far, Far Away

After devoting most of my week to midterms, I focused my attention towards my study abroad application. Studying abroad is a very popular thing to do at Bates. Even though there are a number of people who’d rather go abroad during the summer or just want to stay on campus, the Study Abroad Office is constantly crowded with sophomores doing research on programs available for next year. The office is filled with binders of recorded experiences of other Batesies who have gone abroad all over the world dating back quite a while. When I was looking into spending a semester in Egypt, it was really nice to read women’s reflections on being in the middle east. The written opinions are of both the positives and negatives from dormitories in New Zealand to home-stays in Morocco. I went to see Mr. Das – my adviser for this whole process – to tell him the new direction I was headed in. For most of this year, I’ve been incredibly stubborn about going to the American University at Cairo. I’ve always been fascinated with Egypt and I wouldn’t let anyone convince me that anywhere else would be a better experience. Of course, after some further research I found a couple other programs that would be awesome to be a part of. I told Das that I had found an honors program that focuses on urban development and goes all over the world. I’m not someone who goes on vacations outside of the states, so hitting up a few different places during one semester was really appealing. Also, a lot of the classes I’ve taken at Bates have been focused on urban development in the United States. The program participants will study in New York, Brazil, South Africa, and Turkey and will look at the struggle that all of these places have had while trying to develop urban settings. Now that I’ve got a program that I’m really into, all I have to do is send the application in and wait – which I’m sure won’t be any less hectic.

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If you wanna check out the abroad options that Bates has direct connections with, click Also, here are some pictures of the locales that Bates can send you to.

tb_copenhagen_denmark.jpg photo_lg_athens.jpg atlanta_skyline.jpg photo_lg_morocco.jpg namgyal_india_1.jpg kenya4-full.jpg



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