Posted by: Naima | March 2, 2008

What Color is a Purple Finch?

Crimson with streaks of brown. This is one of the questions that was asked during last night’s 29th annual Trivia Night hosted by the College radio station. Trivia Night at Bates is a night and early morning of sometimes useless trivia, tons of music, and physical challenges. All around campus, friends and acquaintances join together to make teams of all sizes. Our team, Mourning Hwood, started out with 24 people. As the night moves into early morning, the trivia gets harder, the music seemingly impossible to decipher, and red bull begins to disappear, numbers will naturally drop. By the time Trivia Night was over, the sun was shining at 7am as the remaining players made their way to Commons for breakfast and the announcement of the winners. With barely a minute of rest, about forty hard-core trivia conquistadors marched towards Commons. When the winners were declared (our team, obviously) we all engaged in breakfast and promptly went to our rooms to nap. Having now only had three hours of sleep in the last…I’m too tired to count how long…I now have to write an article for The Student, a take-home test for Monday, two outlines for take-home tests due Tuesday and Wednesday, and go to a capella. It’s gonna be a loooooong Sunday.

Peace and then some,


Not everybody quite makes it all the way through trivia night…




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