Posted by: Naima | February 14, 2008

Goodbye Commons

This morning was supposedly my last breakfast in what I’ve known and loved to be Commons for the last year and a half. It was a good breakfast – omelet day always is – but as I looked around at moose paintings and midget-sized chef statues, I realized that I am gonna miss this place, or at least the decorations. By the time all of Bates College is back from break, New Commons is expected to be fully furnished and equipped with new seating arrangements, gyros stations, sushi bars, personalized hot lines to fit everyone’s tastebuds, waiters and waitresses, silk tablecloths, and large sofas instead of wooden stools to eat from. Although many of these expectations are rumors, the sentiment on campus is split between excitement and sorrow. We’ve all seen the blueprints of coffee shops, student lounges, pubs, and fireplaces expected to be inside our new dining hall. We’ve all witnessed the beautiful building cloaked in sleek angles and large windows as it was erected next to our football field; we’ve even entertained excessive rumors of panini presses and live music alongside our dinners, and while all of these things have obviously generated excitement, there is no doubt that I am not alone when I say that I will miss Commons. I will miss the ease of people watching generated by the one-floor layout. I will miss the consolidated smell of the marche as students scramble for their Asian Soup Bowls. I will miss quick chats with Brad over fried eggs. I will even miss the massive lines to bus dishes and the mess of half-toasted or burnt bread below every toaster. Our old Common’s quaintness will be missed, but with change comes challenge, opportunity, and sometimes resentment. Although I don’t think the latter will be most frequently exuded, those first two are on point. Us Batesies will be challenged to find a new spot where friends will always be, where the Eggos and the new Vegan Bar are located, and where the (hopefully new and more extensive) tea collection can be found. As I sit here in the JFK airport waiting to connect to a flight home, all I want is a slice of Pablo’s own pizza pie – that better not go anywhere.

Peace and then some,




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