Posted by: Naima | February 11, 2008

GirlTalk is Cheap

First of all, this has been one of the busiest weekends ever. Tons of young voters on campus have been running around trying to figure out whether Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will be the better presidential candidate for the Dems. Between Tom Kennedy’s speech on campus to endorse Obama, Hillary Clinton visiting the Lewiston Armory, and the competitive caucus this afternoon, I’m going to go ahead and say that Bates students and Lewistonians alike were given the means to making some serious decisions today. To take a short break from all of the politics these past few days, a few friends and I were able to conjure up some tickets to GirlTalk – a mash-up artist known for throwing a great dance party. The concert was at Colby, a mere 45minutes from campus and was incredible.

Imagine about 1000 people uncontrollably dancing in a relatively small venue. They’re sweating. A lot. So much in fact, that no one cares anymore. Everyone on the main floor is so close and packed in that they’re dancing just starts to look like rippling waves in a sea of sweaty college kids. About 200 students were on stage going crazy jumping all over the space. I guess it’s a good thing that they had all two security guards by the stage to regulate.

Anyway, it was awesome. About 80 Batesies made an appearance and had a dance party on the balcony of Colby’s venue. It’s really great how close Bates is to Bowdoin and Colby for nights like Friday. We can all take advantage of each other’s facilities and performers and return to our schools and chill on our own campuses. It’s really cool that when any of our schools have dope concerts there are schools from all over the place that are represented. When Bates hosted The Roots last year, there were people in the audience from Wesleyan to Loyola Maryland. In college, a concert is always a good excuse for a roadtrip.

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Here are some pictures from GirlTalk’s concert. On the closeup, note his bandana – it was designed and manufactured by Bates students. Check out more of their gear at




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