Posted by: Naima | February 7, 2008

Crosstones Go Live

Earlier this week, my a capella group and I appeared on 207 (a live evening show on Maine and northern New Hampshire’s NBC stations). We were invited to sing on the news program in order to promote “Acapellooza” – yes, Acapellooza – a fundraiser that we are participating in with about seven other a capella groups at University of Southern Maine in Portland in order raise money for a Big Brother and Sister Program. We were all pretty excited to begin with, but when NBC asked us to promote the show on live TV, we were all pretty pumped. Based in downtown Portland, it shouldn’t have been difficult to make the half-hour trip. Of course we got lost, though, even with three copies of directions. When we finally got to the channel 6 building, it was really strange. I’ve never been to a TV station before and I was surprised by its vacancy. The set where we were expected to perform was a nice rug with the “207” behind us in bright lights on a seemingly fake brick wall. To our left was the cozy seating area from where the show’s hosts conducted the program. In every other direction were teleprompters and and TVs reflecting our image. I tried not to watch the televisions while we were performing, I was afraid I’d forget the words if I got distracted with someone’s facial expressions. Either way, it was an overall success – and we got free “207” mugs! Also, we only sang two songs but within one day we were getting emails about singing at private gigs and bar mitzvahs. As a group we were all positive no one ever watched this little show, 207, and no one was going to see our performance. A lot of teachers and faculty have come up to us about seeing us sing as they rolled onto their couch after a long day of work… Guess we were wrong – apparently NBC is big out here. Hopefully the press will provoke some people to come to the fundraiser at USM and help some kids.

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I couldn’t take any pictures at the television station, so here’s a promotional picture for the show and a picture of the Crosstones on the road.





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