Posted by: Naima | January 31, 2008

Close Call

This has been a busy week. I only have classes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (don’t ask how it happened, I like to think I’ve been hooked up by the Gods on Garnet Gateway), but with study abroad and major declaration deadlines creeping up combined with my regular class load, I feel like I’ve been running around nonstop the past few days. From meetings with advisers to administrators, I barely had time to stop at Commons for a quick meal. On top of that, I decided to go away for the weekend so my to-do list was slightly lengthened. I ended my pretty hectic few days with my working shift at The Ronj, the student-run coffee house on campus. It’s a cozy little spot on Frye St. – a boulevard of Bates owned houses for students – and the pit stop for people on their way to and from Commons, the library, WRBC station, or anywhere else on campus. Besides a pit stop, it’s also a spot for kids to chill with their friends, drink some chai or other hot drinks, listen to music, and sometimes enjoy an open mic or some improv comedy. Occasionally, people even get homework done on the second floor – unless they’re distracted by the pool tables. Even though last night sustained a heavy flow of customers, I was still able to hang out with my friends and goof around for a few hours. I didn’t want it to end, but I had to go to bed when my shift was over at 10pm so that I’d wake up to make my 6am flight this morning. It’s a good thing I went to bed early; if I had left campus ten minutes later, the plane would’ve taken off without me.

Peace and then some,


Sooo…I’m not that good at uploading pictures onto this thing, obviously. So if you go ahead and click this over-sized picture of the Ronj’s handicapped barista, you’ll find two polaroids from my night.




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