Posted by: Naima | January 28, 2008

No Parents = Brownies for Breakfast

After a particularly rambunctious Saturday evening, a few friends and I decided to skip Commons’ Sunday brunch and make breakfast ourselves. We headed over to an off-campus house where a few friends live and started preparing our breakfast of champions. A friend of mine donated the chocolate chip pancake mix that she bought on her trip to Boston last weekend and the rest of us pulled together some OJ, eggs, milk, and other fixins like fresh maple syrup. All was well and good until we made the upsetting discovery that the batter was CHOCOLATE chocolate chip. I don’t really like chocolate. With that said, we scrambled some cheese eggs while the rest of my friends chomped enjoyably on their brownie-esque cakes of the pan. When I had my delicious platter of eggs and toast, I perfected my breakfast with a mug of green tea, a glass of OJ, and a kitchen table of my best friends. We spent hours reminiscing about our times at Bates thus far and laughed achingly about last night’s happenings while picking at cold brownie pancakes. Four hours since the first flap jack hit the griddle, we all realized that it was already Sunday afternoon and had tons of work to do. We all went our separate ways: some to the library, some to go back to sleep, others to find lost belongings left around campus, but we all left very satisfied.

Peace and then some,

Here are some polaroids from breakfast. That’s Emma on the left, scroll down to the bottom of this page and check out her blog.




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