Posted by: Naima | January 27, 2008

Friendly Disagreements

This weekend has been pretty great. Aside from the nighttime activites, there was a novice debate tournament all day Saturday. A few of my friends have been on the team for over a year, but for some reason I never was able to see them debate until a few weeks ago. It was really great and to be honest, I’m a little hooked on it. I really admire how people choose to use words in order to frame argument and the imagination that is definitely necessary to argue certain things. So on Saturday, even though I was running around photo copying readings for class at the library, catching up on the week’s happenings in Commons, and of course watching some “Arrested Development” in my room, I was able to make it to the tournament’s final debate. It was great, and even though the topic was whether or not two members of the debate team should get married, the lack of seriousness in the topic allowed for the debaters to take the argument into a lot of different directions. Aside from the debate itself, the crowd participation is one of the highlights to any debate. The way people eagerly pound fists to desks or shoes to floors in approval and drone out “shame” when a horrible point is made creates an environment where everyone’s opinion matters. Even if you’re not saying, “I think that your points are pretty lifeless”, saying “shame” pretty much gets the point across. Moreover, it’s just a lot of fun to create a bunch of ruckus with the rest of the audience. Who doesn’t like to get loud every once in a while?

Peace and then some,

Here’s a picture from the annual MLK day debate.




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