Posted by: Naima | January 26, 2008

Day of the Sled

Last week at Bates, the entire campus was celebrating the annual Winter Carnival. Its a week of fun activities that are perfect for reintroducing Bates to those of us who were living it up at home during winter break. On Tuesday, the Outing Club shoveled out the college’s brand new grill, tossed on some goodies, and hosted a night of sledding down Mt. David – the college’s mini mountain that overlooks downtown Lewiston. I wasn’t originally planning on getting covered with snow, but I couldn’t resist. Obviously after eating some burgers of the grill, a couple of friends and I grabbed one of the bigger sleds and went down Mt. David repeatedly, each time crashing into a new snow bank. It was really nice, and even though we were covered in wet snow, the Outing Club set everything up right next to Frank’s lounge – an open space fully equipped with couches and fireplace. If toasting by a fireplace after rolling around in snow isn’t a perfect study break, I don’t know what is.
The Winter Carnival activites didn’t stop there. Every year, Bates’ a capella groups kick off the Carnival with a collaborative concert. Earlier this year, I joined the co-ed a capella group called Crosstones. I didn’t really make time to see many concerts last year so I’m never sure how crowded the shows are going to be. It was a packed house. Tons of people came out to the late night show filled with different songs from “Pinball Wizard” to “I Touch Myself”. It’s really awesome to be on stage and perform for my friends, and show them what I’ve been up to every time I run off to practice. Overall, Winter Carnival? I vote success.

Peace and then some,

Here’s a photo of our first sled ride down Mt. David – note the dry clothing.




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